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Stanley Clementina launches 'Komehein'

The talented composer and singer Stanley Clementina is back in Curaçao to launch his new single ‘Komehein’, this is Stanley’s second single from his album that will be launched this summer.

‘Komehein’ is a very catchy song about a girl playing hard-to-get to her secret admire. Stanley will be in Curaçao for a couple of days for a few performances and to do some collaboration work with other local artists. Listen to ‘Komehein’ on your TRENDSZ playlist on our frontpage. #TrendingArtist #TrendszMusic #TrendszNewRelease

[PAP] E talentoso kompositor i kantante Stanley Clementina ta bèk na Kòrsou pa lansa e single ‘Komehein’, e di dos single fo’i di su debut albùm ku lo keda lansa e zomer aki. Komehein ta un kantika yamativo ku ta papia un dama ku ta duna su atmiradó doló di kabes so! “E mucha ta mane komehein”, Stanley ta lamenta! Stanley lo ta na Kòrsou pa algun presentashon i alabes lo kolaborá ku algun talento lokal durante su estadia. Skucha ‘Komehein’ den nos Trendsz playlist riba nos frontpage. #TrendingArtist


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